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Art of Volunteering founder, Keith Ranney, began his volunteer management career in 2001 as coordinator for the Maui Film Festival. Plans are currently underway for the 20th annual festival, Keith's 19th year as volunteer manager, in June of 2019.

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Art of Volunteering volunteer management consulting services provides strategic planning for all aspects of your volunteer program. Well informed (empowered) volunteers engaged through a thoughtfully crafted volunteer experience are your organizations future donors, board members, patrons and social media promoters.

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The 2019 Maui Marathon Will attract over 2200 athletes from all over the world. Volunteer activities will begin on Saturday, Oct. 12th in the Westin Ballroom which hosts the annual Runners Expo. All races are on Sunday, Oct. 13th, 2019.

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Welcome to Art of Volunteering, a nearly two decades long commitment to extending aloha to island residents and visitors. Formerly dedicated to the growth of volunteerism in Hawaii and providing volunteer solutions for event planners, capacity building strategies for non-profits, and opportunities for volunteers of all ages and capabilities, Art of Volunteering's principle, Keith Ranney, now focuses most of his aloha on restoring Hawai'i food sovereignty, safety and security through his role as communications director for Hawai'i Farmers Union United. including; webmaster, NeonCRM co-administrator, newsletter publisher and point of contact.

Mission: to organize and inspire teams of volunteers to provide service with aloha on behalf of the Maui Film Festival, an event that enriches our community through arts, culture, science and celebration.



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