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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-When can I pick up my complimentary movie passes?

A-The Maui Film Festival has always extended trust to it's volunteer crew. When you commit to a shift at the end of the week, you can still pick up your vouchers (tix) after 5:30 on Wednesday (opening night) at the Celestial Cinema volunteer check-in desk. There's also a Will Call desk for volunteers at the MACC that opens a half hour before the films screening at the Kahului venue 6/14-6/16. If you've scheduled lots of shifts and your first film is at the MACC, please only collect the vouchers you need for yourself and your guest(s) and pick up the bulk of your vouchers in Wailea where most of the vouchers are.

Q-How many movie passes do we get for volunteering and are they transferable?

A-Volunteer Perks for 2019: Each 4 hour (avg.) volunteer shift entitles volunteers to two movie passes honored at the 2019 Maui Film Festival only (Celestial Cinema and MACC screenings). An evening at the Celestial Cinema in Wailea requires two tickets per person, so if you work two shifts you will have earned an evening at the Celestial Cinema for you and a friend (or 2 nights just for you). The late night shifts, which also involve end of night clean-up, will receive a bonus pass per shift (for a total of 3 passes).

Q-Do we get to eat if we volunteer for an event where there is food?

A-No. Everyone is expected to eat before their shift, or buy dinner from the vendors at the event when they are finished with their shift. This is an ongoing issue and is the policy every year. Please do not volunteer for a food event if this is a temptation you simply cannot overcome. See next Q & A.

Q-Is there a special volunteer price for the Taste of Wailea?

A-Sorry, No. If you want to enjoy this fabulous event, please buy a ticket.

Q-Where do we park?

A-At the lower parking lot at Mulligan's on the BLUE (Google MAP). Heading south past the resorts at Wailea, turn left at the intersection just past the Kealani Resort. Look for the volunteer parking lot and the extremely helpful and friendly Volunteer Lot Attendants (this could be you!). You will be shuttled to and from the event site at the Gold Course/Gannon's. Check in at the Volunteer Desk upon arrival, which is to the left of the main entrance where movie patrons enter. Virtually all parking is at Mulligan's lower lot. Read the activity descriptions on your myvolunteerpage.

Q-What do we wear?

A-Volunteer T-shirt is issued when you check in for your first shift. Kaki (TAN) or Black colored shorts, slacks or skirts. You will be provided with a Maui Film Festival T-Shirt. If you are working multiple days, please be sure it is clean. Also, be prepared for chillier evening weather conditions, especially at the Celestial Cinema, and plan to put your volunteer shirt on over the warmer layer. Ladies like to customize their shirts. Be creative (but don't run with scissors!).

Q-What can I volunteer for if I don't want to do anything menial or be stuck in a parking lot?

A-Representing the Maui Film Festival at Wailea is an opportunity to lend your valuable support to a unique world class event (actually considered the world's best June film fest!). Every single volunteer position is important. MFF@Wailea volunteers need to be willing to spend 4 hours in vigilant and attentive service to paying customers and fellow volunteers. Some people have the impression that they can put in their minimum effort for an hour or two and then plop down and see a movie. This is not the case. Those that abuse the privilege of representing the MFF@W as a volunteer will not be invited in the future.

Q-What kind of volunteer positions do you need the most?

A-The operations of the festival are just like any living entity. A lot of "stuff" is brought in and a lot of waste is managed, organized, sorted and distributed to recycling centers and compost operations with an increasing emphasis on waste reduction. Monitor/Clean Up people understand the spirit of volunteerism and what it takes to pull off a world class event. Late night shifts are from 9pm-1am. These are also difficult to fill positions (secret: the magic comes out after midnight in the Celestial Cinema!).

Q-What if I don't show up for my volunteer time slot (for any reason)?

A-You will miss out on a wonderful opportunity to serve one of the most amazing film festivals on the planet. I understand, "stuff happens," but please be considerate of the volunteers who will have to pick up the slack.

Q-Dealing with problematic patrons...

A-Volunteers are to NEVER take a position of authority toward a problematic patron. They are simply to bring the matter to the attention of appropriate festival staff (those carrying a radio) or security, and avoid all drama. Volunteers are expected to put paying patrons needs first and to treat other volunteers with equanimity and respect. You will have your own opportunity to be served by friendly and helpful volunteers on your nights to be a patron.