The 2019 Maui Marathon is extremely grateful to the Aid Station, sponsors, their Aid Station Captains, and the volunteers who will keep our courageous athletes hydrated and safe as they traverse the 26.2 miles from the start in Kahului to the finish line in Ka'anapali. See Aid Station FAQ below...

2018 Maui Marathon Course Map Full

Aid Station Frequently Asked Questions & Guidelines

Q-01: What kinds of supplies are provided for our team?

A: Two or three folding tables, cups (two kinds 1 for water, 1 for gatorade), Gatorade mix, pitchers (for pouring water), stir sticks (for mixing gatorade), coolers, and trash cans with bags. Ice will be dropped off the morning of the race.

Q-02: When and where do we pick up our aid station supplies?

A: The Valley Isle Road Runners Storage Facility in Kahului 811 Kolu St Wailuku from 12-3pm on Saturday 10/13/18 (Google Map link)

Q-03. What size vehicle should I use to pick up the aid station supplies?

A: We recommend a pick-up truck, SUV, or van to pick up supplies.

Q-04: When will ice arrive at our stations?

A: Ice will be delivered by the ice company directly to your aid station location. Ice will be delivered to stations closest to the marathon start first.

Q-05: Where do we park for our station?

A: We recommend carpooling whenever possible. All aid stations will have parking nearby. See the "Parking" column in the grid above. Make sure you are not parking where runners will be running. *Aid Station #14 is in a residential neighborhood. Make sure not to block any driveways.

Q-06: Do you recommend carpooling to aid stations to avoid congestion on the pali and other aid station locations?

A: Absolutely! Especially for the Aid Stations in which parking will be a challenge. It's very important to not block the shoulder or anywhere runners are running.

Q-07: Where are the bathrooms?

A: Aid stations should have at least 1 bathroom nearby. If the aid station is at a park, you can use the local facilities.

Q-08: How many radios will we receive?

One radio will be assigned per aid station.

Q-09: My radio isn't working, who can I call?

A: Call Race Directors: Jon Emerson 808-222-2484 or Jim Lynch 808-446-9111. Or call Volunteer Coordinator, Keith Ranney at 808-276-1366 (Be sure to print this information or save it in your phone).

Q-10: How will I know I'm setting up my aid station at the right place?

A: The location will be marked and your aid station captain will know where to go.

Q-11: How many people should we have working our station?

A: See Volunteer # at the top of this page.

Q-12: How should we be prepared for runners as they approach our aid station?

A: Facing your station (from the road) make sure the table on the left has Gatorade, and the table on the right has water. Fill the water cups with water, and Gatorade in the Gatorade branded cups. We recommend having someone in charge of pouring while others will be handing out to runners. The runners will be tired, tell them if you have water or gatorade.

Q-13: Where should we hand out water/gatorade?

A: Make you sure you stay off of the road to allow runners room to access water/Gatorade without getting in the road. Stay as close to your tables as possible.

Q-14: What if a runner cannot finish the race?

A: The aid station captain should use their radio to say they have a runner who needs to be picked up.

Q-15: What do we do with the used cups?

A: Make sure all cups are picked up off the road and put in garbage cans.

Q-16: Who do I call if medical attention is required?

A: The aid station captain should use their radio to contact Medical Staff.

Q-17: What do we do with our garbage?

A: When it's full, tie it up and leave it at your aid station location. It will be picked up after the last runner goes through.

Q-18: How will we know when we're finished?

A: There is a sweeper vehicle that comes behind the last runner. It will stop at your aid station to notify you that the last runner has passed through, and they will collect your aid station supplies.

Q-19: What if a news reporter or someone representing the media wants to ask me questions?

A: All media inquiries, questions from reporters or any type of media contact goes through one point of contact: Jim Lynch at 808-446-9111.