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Festival Dates for 2017: June 21-25

Not-Real-Time Overview of Volunteer Needs (Updated Regularly)

Volunteer Shuttle Schedule
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Dear Maui Film Festival Supporters,
Thank you for your interest in supporting the 2017 Maui Film Festival at Wailea. As a registered volunteer, you will have the opportunity to extend your aloha to residents and visitors alike. The festival extends its aloha to volunteers via valuable ticket vouchers (note the perks structure for 2017, below). We'll support you all we can so that you can enjoy the benefits outlined on the "NEED TO KNOW" page on this website.

The Basics

Once registered with the Maui Film Festival volunteer database, you log in at Through this volunteer portal, travelers can also research and engage with volunteer opportunities abroad.

Registration & Scheduling are seperate processes. Your registration application must be reviewed before you will be able to see the list of activities available to you and subsequently create your schedule.

If you can book a flight online, you can register and schedule yourself to volunteer. If you feel the need to put your toe in the water first, visit the tutorial (there have been some software upgrades since creating the tutorial, so the flow of information may look slightly different). Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new system. If you'd like to browse a list of volunteer activities before registering, go here and then click on "I would like to volunteer for this organization" at the top of that page if you want to register.

Volunteer Perks for 2017 - Updated 6/19

Each 4 hour (avg.) volunteer shift entitles volunteers to two movie tickets good at this year's Maui Film Festival only (Celestial Cinema and MACC screenings) PLUS 1 BONUS ticket. The bonus ticket can be for either another festival ticket or a future movie screening at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

Firstlight Academy Screenings (our winter festival) passes will NOT be perks for volunteers in 2017. I just found out today, 6/19.

The BONUS; you have to choose between another MFF ticket that is only good during the 5-day summer festival, OR, 1 movie pass good through Dec 31, 2017 and applicable toa future movie screening at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

An evening at the Celestial Cinema in Wailea requires two tickets per person, so if you work two shifts and you select a Festival ticket for your shift bonus, you will have earned an evening at the Celestial Cinema for you and two friends (or 3 nights just for you). 

The late night shifts which also involve end of night clean-up will receive one extra bonus ticket per shift (for a total of 4 tickets). Again, you can decide between the summer festival or a future screening at the MACC.


Once again, Barry, Stella, the Rivers Family, and their extended ohana of filmophiles have put together an amazing schedule of films again for 2017. Keep in mind that I am only scheduling volunteers for the Wailea films and special event venues. The MACC has its own volunteer staff (under the direction of Naomi Tamura) along with its own training and orientation protocol.

To prepare for scheduling please familiarize yourself with the "NEED TO KNOW!" section describing the various jobs, what to wear, how you are "perked", parking, etc. Then look at the WORK SCHEDULE to determine how you can best serve, based on your interests and experience. If you have experience as a ticket taker or working in the merchandise booth, choose those activities as experience is preferred with these particular jobs. Then, review the Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the main Maui Film Festival site.

To be considered as a volunteer, please go to the volunteer registration and scheduling center now. Registered volunteers will be notified by email when the 2017 volunteer activities are available for online scheduling.

Mahalo, and enjoy this year's festival at Wailea.
Keith Ranney

Volunteer Manager, 2001-2017
Maui Film Festival at Wailea
(808) 276.1366 (text friendly smartphone)

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