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General Information: When you go through the registration and scheduling center, you will see a detailed description of every volunteer activity. Here's a general overview of the possibilities.

Info Table Monitors
Info Table Monitors will sit at the information table in the lobby of the Wailea Golf Club (Gannon's Restaurant lobby) and answer questions regarding the festival as well as hand out information. It's especially suited to those who have difficulty standing or walking and requires thorough knowledge of both Maui and the festival. We need people starting the 10th and on a daily basis through the 16th from 11a - 3p and 3p - 7p.
Ticket Takers/Pass Checkers/Hand Stampers
Ticket Takers will arrive 45 minutes prior to the gates opening (varies on different days) and take tickets. 2 people taking tickets and 2 people counting with clickers. Experience is desirable. Ticket takers will be on from approx. 6:30p - 9:30. There is also a late shift for ticket taking from 9:00pm - 1:00am for the 2nd feature, although ticket taking generally ends around 11. Late shift ticket takers can then assist with the egress of movie goers at the front entrance along with stub counting.
Ushers will be staged along the pathways to show people the way, as well as on the event site to regulate traffic. There are designated fire lanes, wheelchair areas, VIP seating areas and staff only areas (between the projector and the merchandize booth). Your task is to keep patrons out of those areas. After the sun sets, ushers are positioned with flashlights to help patrons moving toward the paths, or the restroom, etc. It is very helpful to bring your own flashlight. Approx. times 6:00p - 10:00p and 9:00p-1:00

Curb Monitor - Assist patrons enroute to porta potties by lighting their path
Monitors are primarily responsible for cleanup - during and after the events. During the parties monitors go around and pick up plates, trash, etc. and make sure everything is in order. The monitors or clean up crew at the end of the evening just need to make sure all the trash is up off the range and things are in order. The biggest job for monitors is the "Taste of Wailea" which will be listed separately. Ushers also perform monitor duties at the Celestial Cinema.
Merchandise Tent
The merchandise tent sells T-shirts, rents chairs and handles rental returns. Volunteers need to have retail experience, people skills and patience. It can be stressful at times! 6:00-10:00p and 9:00p-1:00a.

Most of the Security positions will be covered by paid professional security. However, there may be a need for certain types of security as follows:

Tribute Security & Press Line: Provide an extra layer of buffering between the public and the honorees. Professional, non-interaction with celebrities is mandatory.

Grounds security: stationed at the entrance to any cart paths where people without tickets could enter unauthorized, as well as to each side of the screen to restrict unauthorized access.
Party security: There are a number of parties that will need security, wait staff, and clean-up help.

Golf Cart Drivers: Everyone's favorite, but restricted to experienced drivers.

Taste of Wailea (Sat., June 18th): Always a popular volunteer event, the TOW utilizes Ticket Takers, Human Directionals, Set up people, Wait Staff, Rubbish Control, Bus Station, Replenishers, Shuttle Greeters and Security. Must be 21 or older and have ID.

Festival policy is that volunteers DO NOT sample the food.
Please eat before or after your shift.

Festival Policy: No consumption of alcohol or drugs while representing the festival.


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