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Frequently Asked Questions for Organizations

Q1: Why do I need an Art of Volunteering volunteer manager for my event?
A1: If your organization hosts an event that requires volunteer help once or twice per year, you don't need a full time manager on staff. Hiring a professional event and/or volunteer manager is like hiring a tax accountant; you only need them periodically. Going with inexperience can create a disasterous outcome, leaving a negative impression on attendees and volunteers alike.

Q2: How much does it cost to have a professional volunteer manager staff and supervise my event?
A2: Estimating the total cost of volunteer management is a discovery process that varies with each organization and event. However, here's something to consider: $18.77 per hour is the 2006 national average applied to the worth of a volunteer. Let's say your event requires 1000 volunteer hours (x $18.77): that's $18,770 of labor you don't have to pay for. You might pay 20% of that figure ($3,750) for that labor pool which includes the recruitment, training, supervision and many additional services.

Q3: How many and what types of volunteers do I need for my event?
A3: At the start of the event planning process, an Art of Volunteering representative will help you analyze the best usage of volunteers, how many you'll need, how to structure their hours, how to make sure they are easily identified, and how to make sure they feel so valuable and appreciated that they will ask to volunteer again. Our job at Art of Volunteering is to assure you utilize volunteers in an appropriate way - differentiating what they do from what should be performed by paid staff.

Q4: What incentives should I offer volunteers?
A4: What you will need to assure that volunteers arrive on time (or at all) and stay for their shift depends a great deal on the nature of the event, it's revenue model, and the resources of your organization. T-shirts serve multiple benefits to the organization and to patrons in terms of identifying who is there to help. However, T-shirts are rarely seen as a "perk". From our experience, the greatest incentive is in assigning a task that is perfectly matched to the skills and interests of the volunteer. This requires taking time to get to know them along with time observing them in action. Art of Volunteering is here to assist in the overall packaging of benefits, customizing them with these issues in mind.

Q5: My organization has tried managing their own volunteers and every year there's a huge turnover of new volunteers which takes so much time to reregister and train. How do you retain quality volunteers?
A5: Check the testimonials for clues.