Service Plans

Large Events
Organizations with large event budgets that need lots of volunteers to make hosting of the event both successful and financially viable

Small to Medium Events
Small to medium size organizations that need volunteers and volunteer managers to assure an events success and to save money

No Budget
Non-profits with no budget trying to raise funds for their operations



Art of Volunteering Services Overview

Outsourcing Center for Volunteers

Prospective volunteers can register online with all of their contact information, experience & preferences, view events and volunteer jobs, apply online and receive confirmation, additional instructions, and maps. Volunteers can also upload a photograph for inclusion on their personal record and for printing on custom name tags.

This website serves as a virtual classroom providing guidance and practical information on all aspects of volunteering and event planning/management.

Consulting Center

Start your event planning on the right foot. Put the Art of Volunteering team on your team. Keith Ranney brings over 24 years of experience in event planning and personnel motivation. More...

Resource for Event Planners

Art of Volunteering is cultivating a roster of experienced and pre-oriented volunteers along with trained and qualified onsite managers. To assist organizations assessing their volunteer and event management needs, we've provided 3 links in the left panel that provide examples and guidelines for utilizing our services.

Training Center for Volunteer Managers

For those wishing to earn an income as a volunteer manager, Art of Volunteering is creating a curriculum for qualified candidates, many of whom will rise from the volunteer ranks. If you are a volunteer manager, or want to be, email us.

How We're Compensated

Art of Volunteering provides a complete menu of services for event managers. First we determine the goals and needs of a particular event. Then we prepare a letter of understanding clarifying every detail of our responsibility and the fees for our services.

Pre-event details generally include;

  • determining the types of volunteer tasks to be performed and the number of volunteer hours to be staffed
  • creation of a complete description of the tasks to be performed which is presented on an event registration and scheduling web interface specific to their event. Each activity specifies start and stop time, parking place, supervisor, wardrobe, special needs, etc...
  • a package of "perks" as an incentive for volunteer participation and loyalty (T-shirts, passes, food/bev, etc.)
  • clarification of the communications package which generally includes;
    • email confirmations and correspondence to volunteers
    • a custom website with maps and instructions
    • event day - hardcopy of all rosters and sign-in sheets
    • after event reports

Our on-site volunteer management services provide a strong presence to make sure everything goes smoothly. Quite often, volunteers need to be reassigned to cover unexpected needs. Some volunteers are more flexible than others so it's vitally important to know the volunteers personality types to effectively redirect them.